About Us

Composers like Boccherini, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven wrote prolifically for this combination, and their contributions form some of the most popular quartet music played today. Later composers like Borodin and Brahms, Schubert and Schumann used the intimacy of the string quartet as a vehicle for some of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching music ever written. More recently the string quartet’s inherent flexibility and unified sound have been exploited by composers like Debussy, Bartok, Shostakovich, Gubaidulina, and George Crumb.

Allow three square metres for the quartet. As string quartets are typically unamplified, it is important to locate us easily within earshot, especially if we are playing specific pieces at poignant moments. Outdoors the sound of a quartet becomes significantly thinner. Positioning us near a solid wall can help direct our sound towards your guests. The Champagne String Quartet will work with you to develop a programme suitable for your event, You may wish to request specific pieces to enhance important moments, or general styles of music to be played at certain times during the event.

We can also tailor our programme to suit the atmosphere on the day. You may wish to continue your music entertainment into the later stages of the event with a band, or DJ. Over the coming months we will be adding details below of colleagues and groups with whom we collaborate regularly. Watch this space! Playtime Promotions also have a great selection of bands as well as good advice on venues and caterers.

The quartet typically perform in formal evening wear, however if you have an idea for something different, let us know. It is always a good idea to let us know what colours you have chosen as a theme for your event. Even if we can't match the colours exactly we can make sure we don't clash! Feel free to take photos of or video the quartet (for non- commercial purposes only).