The Champagne Quartet

The members of the Champagne String Quartet have over 30 years' combined experience in Quartet playing. Members of the Champagne String Quartet have all individually worked as musicians internationally, including performances in Australia, America, Europe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Russia, Malaysia, and Norway. As well as providing a musical accompaniment for special events, the quartet appear regularly at concert venues around Christchurch. They have performed together throughout the South Island and are planning further tours this year. During 2001, the Champagne Quartet recorded their debut CD, available for purchase from the members of the quartet.

"I enjoyed the performance very much and would like to use you in the future in other Council events". "Your music was superb and extremely fitting for the occasion - we couldn't have wished for a more perfect accompaniment to the evening". You really helped to make Pip and Andrew's day a truly memorable one" Judy, after our performance during her Daughter's wedding ceremony Performing music from Purple Haze through to Eine Kleine Nachtmusik they have the ability to professionally and wittily entertain a wide variety of people". "Your entertaining music provided the perfect background to our launch function and meal which helped to set a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere".

Cathy Irons graduated from the University of Natal, South Africa, with a Bachelor of Music, with distinction.She was selected for the Natal Chamber Ensemble, with whom she also appeared as a soloist. She performed concertos with the Durban City Orchestra and Sinfonia Ensemble and recently, performed Beethoven's Romance with the Nelson Symphony Orchestra.She has been concertmaster for various groups including the Divertimenti Ensemble,Jubilate Chamber Group and Nelson Symphony Orchestra. She free-lances as a chamber musician, also playing with the Rosanze Quintet and L'Estro Armonico Strings.

Returning to her home town of Christchurch in 2000 and becoming a tenured player with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, Sarah's musical career began at the age of eight in Australia. In 1990 she became leader of the Western Australia Youth Orchestra and was involved in many programs at the W.A. Conservatorium of music for gifted students. Winning a scholarship in 1991 to further her music studies, by the age of 16 she was accepted into the W.A. Conservatorium of Music where she completed a Bachelor of Music performance in 1994. In the same year Sarah auditioned for, and was accepted into the Western Australia Symphony Orchestra where she stayed a member until returning to New Zealand. She has been a freelance player to the Perth Pops Orchestra, Philharmusica and Electric Strings, and has also played backup to several well known artists including Shirley Bassey and John Farnham.

How to choose your wedding music

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The perfect wedding needs amazing music. With its elegant sounds and the emotions it expresses, the string music is a popular choice for many brides. Whether you plan your own special day, or you help a dear friend arrange hers, make sure you pick your favorite music for all the stages of the event. Spend every moment of your wedding in the company of the talented members of the Champagne String Quartet and let them set a fantastic mood.

As every woman dreams of the time when she will walk down the aisle, the songs can play a big part in the outcome of the ceremony. The notes should represent your identity and your feelings for each other. A wedding playlist must feel personal and combine the right melodies that will best express your relationship and love story. From the processional tunes to the party, leave it to the Champagne String Quartet to do their magic.

There is nothing more lovely and graceful than a classical piece when your father walks you down the aisle. No matter if you choose the “Bridal Chorus”, Pachelbel’s famous hit or a reinterpretation of modern hits, you should select for your grand entrance the one which represents your hopes and expectation you have in regards to your marriage. Set a romantic atmosphere that even a great night will not offer you.

After you exchange your vows and the ceremony ends, your exit should be marked by a more upbeat arrangement. Ensure yourself that the location has a great acoustic otherwise some pieces of music might sound bad. You can go with traditional ones or with those who instill more passion and happiness in your guests’ minds. Listen to your friends’ or the quartet’s recommendation and use the ones that inspire you and your partner.

If your event has a cocktail hour before the reception, make certain you have a playlist that will create the ideal ambiance for your guests to socialize. It should be low-key because dance is not involved yet, but do not choose rhythms that will make everyone fall asleep. Make a statement with your entrance as husband and wife into the reception with the celebratory music of the Champagne String Quartet and all your eye will be set on you.

The first dance is the pièce de résistance for every lady. Pick the timeless and sophisticated classical melodies and you will never regret it. From slow to alert, you have lots of opportunities. Do not hesitate and select those who have a special meaning to the both of you. For the father and daughter dance, it can be something more traditional or symbolic for your family. The rest of the reception depends on what theme you have for your wedding.

Music is a crucial factor when you plan this kind of ceremony. Offer your guests a one-of-a-kind experience and help them remember about your celebration for a long time. Match the songs with your taste, personalities and the preferences of everyone who comes to your party. You have countless possibilities that can help you make your wishes come true. Play your favorite music at your wedding and enjoy those wonderful times with you loved ones!